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Hello. I'm Zophar. I write music. I do art. And I animate.

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2017-02-24 18:18:06 by LunacyOfficial

Hey guys whats up. So I'm going to right now talk about my life. I usually don't do that very often (maybe I do it more often than I think) because I don't really want to reveal who I really am. So it started back long ago when I was brought into the world on...... wait I'm sharing stories. Oh crap!

So the first thing I would like to talk about is that my birthday's coming up. (and my cats. lol) The things that are on my wishlist are a apple laptop, because I use a seven year old piece of crap. I want 5-10 boxes of Mike and Ike. And FL Studio 12. (the full $900 version) I'm hopeing on getting a used apple laptop, that is used that has over 400GB. I was just on walmart's site and saw that there was a used one for $230. I want Mike and Ike because who doesn't like Mike and Ike candy? (I'm not fat) And lastely I want FL Studio 12 because Soundtrap screws up too much and can't take all of my tracks getting deleted because I reun out of space. But I have been using Logic a lot. My past few songs were on logic. But I need more than just crap.

Another thing that I wanted to mention was my art. My art I work very hard on. When I usually stop uploading music, it's because I start uploading some art. I got into some pixel art. I so far like doing pixel art. If any of you want to check out my Pixilart page it will be in my contacts/websites section on my newgrounds. I asked someone to check out my art. I was hopeing they would scout me, but I was wrong. The person did not scout me.

The third thing I would like to mention is that you might have found on my contacts/websites section that I have another Newgrounds account. I wanted to talk about it for a minute. So I first registered that account a long time ago. The reason for this is because I got sick of LunacyOfficial and Zophar. So I registered a new newgrounds called @Aro111. This is a name I used to call myself a long time ago. When I played minecraft a few years ago my user name and LBSG account user name was Aro111. About a month before I registered this account I started writing my own piano songs. I callec myself Aro111. But everything changed when I called myself Zophar.

My friend is starting to write music too. He dosent know what to call himself on newgrounds. He is writing his first song right now and it's pretty good for a first song. I'm going to invite him to electronic music classes so that he can learn how to use logic pro x. He does play geometry dash. He's completed one demon difficulty level compared to me who's beaten four demons. His geometry dash account is AlexNebula. He registered a newgrounds account called AlexNebula but then he couldn't validate the email. So I was thinking of a name for him like MutainNebula. It's very origional. He shouldn't call himself AlexNebula when writing music because there is already a DJ Alex Nebula.

Another thing is that most of my recent songs are crappy. I'm sorry for this. The reason being is that I'm trying to get as many songs out to you guys as I can. And yes sometimes I get grounded and don't release a song for a few weeks. But if you know of my album The Kittez Have Taken Over, you know tat after I released the last song I did not upload for a month. But I'm getting better.

The thing I'm reaching for most is my level on newgrounds. If you notice that right now I'm a level 6. I'm planning on getting to level 60 and being at the top of the list. I also when I grow up want to work at the newgrounds headquarters, which I think is really exciting! I will also become a supporter soon, but not for my birthday.

I like this song called eternal eclipse by @OcularNebula and I don't think he is on newgrounds anymore. :( I wanted to make a remix of his song because it's my favorite song. I can't get in touch with him to discuss about the remix since the terms say you have to discuss further detail. That made me so mad that I couldn't make a remix at that point. But you should always ask the artist.

And lastely, I would like to truely thank you guys for all the support. It really means a lot to me. I am almost at 40 fans. I think last week I had 32 fans. But I have 48 now. I'm trying to get to at least 1000 fans by 2020, and 500 by 2019. I feel that if people are touched by my music, they will fan me. If you look at @Waterflame I once saw his song in the brand sparkin' new audio recently and the song had about 200 plays and 35 downloads. Never thought that everyone would want to download his song. I also stated back a wile ago on a news post that I need 500 fans and I will get a youtube channel. I decided to reduce that to 400 fans. I feel that people want to see me on youtue and they don't feel like waiting for a long time. But the thing I wanted to talk about most was that my next goal for fans is 50 fans. I want to reach that goal by June 1, 2017. Around the time before school lets out.

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