The Album Will Be Finished

2017-07-31 07:13:39 by LunacyOfficial

Before I get started, I just wanted to say something important. Over the last few weeks I have fallen very ill. I've become very sick. I went to the doctor, and I was tested. A few days later the results came back positive, and I have a throat and stomach virus. The throat virus just went away, but I'm still expirencting a somach virus.

So yes my album: Planet 19 will be finished for you. @MutantNebula and I are working on the song. It will be out in a few days. And trust me, it's pretty awesome!

My brother, @VexVirus, got first place in Hungary Shark Evolution for killing the Mama Seal the fastest (1 second, and top 1%). I was suprised that he beat about 17,000 people!

Lastly, @EnderNG, you were asking about my book/story. I'm still working on typing it. I'm 1/3 finished typing it. And I haven't been typing any of it since I fell ill.

See Ya'll Later!


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2017-08-09 23:26:25

Cool! Also hope you get well :D

LunacyOfficial responds:

I'm just about to release a sneak peek of planet 19


2017-08-12 01:37:18

ooh a book! also my other account "FloatingHat" got hacked and someone posted My Heart by DH and ehide

LunacyOfficial responds:

Ehhh, the hacker could find out your location.


2017-08-18 21:21:14

lucky he doesn't have the ability to find locations. I recently checked the account again and the same hacker posted energy drink and another song

LunacyOfficial responds: