New Work is Going On

2017-03-17 11:02:14 by LunacyOfficial

So a lot of new things are going on.

I would first like to start off saying that I will not be doing dubstep. Because not everyone is a fan of it. I'm not really a fan of it either. I'm now focusing on writing more chillstep and ambient. But the thing that I'm focusing most on making is vocal leads / effects. You can really only do this in FL Studio. But the problem is that I don't have  is I don't have FL Studio (yet) but my parents told me their not spending big bucks on FL Studio. I'm just going to be sicking with Logic Pro X, Soundtrap, Auxy, and Korg Gadget.

The genres are going to change. I'm now starting to write more video game songs because I found this cool instrument in Soundtrap called "Attack Me" and If you play with the effects you get the Nintendo video game type style. I'm now getting more into this. My friend Colin recommended to me that I should write 8-Bit songs for NG. Colin plays a lot of video games and goes on NG but doesn't have an account. He usually is on there just to watch random movies. I had no idea what 8-Bit was but he told me it was more like pixel games. I'd think of writing it for a game like super mario bros or something like that. I'm still going to be writing chillstep and ambient songs. I'm just really hooked on this video game song type theme.

I'm in the process of working on a really big song right now but I'm not sure on what to call it. It's 8-Bit and it has instruments that sound like the super mario bros theme music. It should be out in a few days. It's sort of related to Rise of the Beast. But I don't really think that rise of the beast was that good. I'm trying to look back and see what I did wrong and improve it in this song.


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2017-03-17 11:12:10

Neat. I wanna see what a full-on Melodic DnB song would sound like from you tbh. And try JUST using Logic Pro X, I wanna see/hear what the result would be :3

LunacyOfficial responds:

Okay sure I'll try.