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2017-06-13 16:18:57 by LunacyOfficial

I'm changing my music a bit. @Megabyte12345 and I have been talkin, and I think I should write simple music, with simple melodies. So, yeah, that's all! See ya'll later!

- Zophar (2017)

Sorry :(

2017-06-04 17:45:46 by LunacyOfficial

I have not been releasing songs lately, because my mom had to have emergency surgery. She slipped a disc in her back. I'm staying with family friends from our church. My dad is at the hospital with my mom. I'm not allowed to use their computer so, that means no soundtrap. I'm typing this on my iPad.

Mini Series

2017-06-03 06:48:58 by LunacyOfficial

I've just checked on youtube and my song wisdom was uploaded to FreeVisualSounds! Video:

So, to celibrate that, I'm going to do a mini series of showing you guys all my songs in the rest of my album, IN THE STUDIO!!!

See ya'll later,


75 Fans!

2017-05-23 06:57:22 by LunacyOfficial

Currently I have 74 fans, but I need one more. I know there are hundreds of people on NG willing to follow me. But I'm 3/4 from 100 fans!


2017-05-18 20:37:13 by LunacyOfficial

I am currently collaborating with two amazing artists: @MutantNebula and @TheMajician. I'm working on a song with them. It might be the end to my album Planet 19. I'm not sure. But we'll see what the final product is.

What's Up and What's New

2017-05-06 08:38:27 by LunacyOfficial

As you may know, I have been banned. But today my ban has been lifted! Horray! Now you can hear my songs! I'm very glad that the ban has been lifted.

I have started a new album. It's called: Planet 19. It's mainly a house album but I will put in a few video game songs in the album. Thanks for the support!

Something that you may not know is that I have been removing most of my songs from soundcloud. This is because I am not Soundcloud Pro, so I only have limited amount of tracks! :(

But I'm back!

See yall Later!

- Zophar 2017

I HAVE been banned!

2017-04-29 07:37:24 by LunacyOfficial

I have been banned from the audio portal. The reason is that @EDM364 banned me for seven days! My Stereo Madness remix has been taken down! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! It was even used in Jayuff's LEVEL! It currently has 4k downloads! I think the problem was that I forgot to put that this was a remix. I might have accidentally put in that this is origonal work. If that did happen, I'm sorry I didn't relize it. I get confused a lot.

Sorry all fans! I was just about to upload The Walkr, and then found this message in my inbox! No music for one week! :(

I'm Changing things a bit

2017-04-22 08:34:10 by LunacyOfficial

So, some of the music I produce is horrible! So, I'm going to be doing more remixes now. The reason why I'm doing this is because I want to see how artists make their songs. You can see that I have a Stereo Madness remix. I'm going to be uploading a back on track remix in a minute. I will still be releasing songs written by me, but not as often :( Don't worry, I will still finish my album The Walkr and upload the main album song: The Walkr. I plan to finish the Walkr by the end of this month.

Sorry if this alarmed you. But I must say, soundtrap is good for making amazing remixes!

- Zophar (2017)

I'm Sick Again

2017-04-08 08:24:39 by LunacyOfficial

I've just gotten really really sick. I did not get the flu again. I've got a really bad cold. It keeps me up all night. I'm not going to make another song until this cold is slayed. I have two songs I really want to release to you but my sickness is preventing me from doing it. Thanks for the two new fans!

Month of April

2017-04-01 13:07:02 by LunacyOfficial

Happy April Fools Day. Boy NG sure did fool me with the web shutting down.

I wanted to talk about my plans in April.

So the first thing I wanted to talk about is collaboration. I'm not going to be collabing with @AppFlixed13 much because I'm helping @MutantNebula, and @Wickelex get started on NG and YT. I did a Collab with MutantNebula and the song is called Space Kitty. We wrote the song at his house, after my dad was taking too long to pick me up after the club at his house, we decided to write a song. But that's it on collaboration.

Next and last is about my new album. Album number 9 is called the Walkr, a minecraft based album. I plan to release 10-15 songs in this album. I already have five songs completed. (One being the Collab song) But I'm not going to make it as big as my previous album. The album should be finished in two weeks.